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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Review: The Sods

Reviewed by Gaëtan L. Charlebois

This is a solo which could also be called: Variations on the Theme of Men and Porn. It has several characters, all played by Jason Thompson (who also wrote the work) and all of the characters work in or frequent a porn/stripper palace. We meet each of them in a monologue: the freaky Jack of All Arts and Master of none who draws the ladies inside (including his obsession, Baby Cunt), the man who cleans up the jizz (who shares his own scary porn fantasies), the man who runs the place (a neo-fascist who wraps his racism in theories surrounding Yoga) and Baby Cunt herself.

It is a frightening crew and Thompson, directed by Christian Laurin, slam-dunks his dense script and complex characters (with the small exception of the woman who, although still fascinating, has a vast array of stereotypical tics). This is not dull, nor pleasant theatre but it is what one wants from a fringe solo: passion conveyed.

However, Thompson's director fails him in the blocking of the final sequence which should be as taut as the rest of the piece but instead is just clumsy and what should make the hair on the back of your head rise, simply misfires and leaves you cooler than you were before the climax. This is not a quibble. This must be corrected for this to become a truly stunning piece of theatre.

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