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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Review: Men Telling Stories (Fringe 2011)

Reviewed by Bruce McKay

Gosh, I gotta say that Matt and Peter from London, Ontario and who met at Queen’s University are nice guys, men even. Heck, they’re just bros telling stories of their adolescence, giving pointers on how to behave at parties (don’t bring an acoustic guitar) and explaining basic young-men-stuff like the different reactions to being hit in the balls or how to adjust to incompatible hand greetings. Nothing outrageous, no particular insights into anything, not complicated, wholesome even. Just regular dudes talking about their lives so far and suggesting that many guys are pretty much … well, your bros and out to do good. No doubt.

I think Matt and Peter are talented. Their performance is smooth and they’ve worked hard at it. It’s just not very funny, that’s all. Sure, there will be some younger bros and bro-gals who’ll find this kinda fun, especially after a beer or two. But all-in-all, the material is weak and just too mundane to gather a larger audience. I do hope they work at it though.


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