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Monday, June 13, 2011

Review: Quarter Life Calamity (Fringe 2011)

Reviewed by Émilie Charlebois

First off, it seems like Cabaret du Mile End is a tough venue to work in. The space is big and there never appears to be the number of audience members most Fringe performers deserve. Let’s face it, if you are one of 10 people dispersed in a room meant for 200, you feel a little more self-conscious about laughing since it almost feels like you are interrupting. Calamity is meant to be seen by a larger audience and people should go with their friends. Yeah, it’s a silly bro-medy that’s a little crude at times, but the entire cast does a great job of doing exactly what you would expect from this genre. The characters are a bunch of idiots who question their life goals, talk about sex and their commitment anxieties ….True, it’s been done, but that doesn’t make this show any less entertaining. These ‘dudes’ have great chemistry and are fun to watch.

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