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Monday, June 13, 2011

Review: Robby Hoffman - Biography

Reviewed by Bruce McKay

Robby Hoffman, a stand-up comic now living in Verdun, sure comes off as adorable, cute and nutty. And just to make sure that there is no question about that, Robby has included video clips in her performance of friends and acquaintances telling us that, indeed, she is all of these. We even have Robby’s boss mentioning that Robby’s a good salesperson. Well, I’m sold: I really like Robbie Hoffman, too! Yet this is largely where Robby’s comedy fails. Robby has pitched herself so well as an adorable person that her short rants on different themes come across as just petty or dumb. Robby, really: taking back all of the money you’ve given to a homeless person over the years (see how great she is!!) because you’ve come to realize that they’re always gonna be homeless?

And I think there’s some potential here. Robby is fast-talking and articulate. A couple of themes would likely have worked well had she taken the time to develop them. But I left Robby’s performance thinking, Robby, you just may have to get over yourself a bit.

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  1. I agree with your assessment. Robby made the homeless person (targeted specifically to the tragically afflicted and largely unemployable one-armed man at Guy metro) at the 13th Hour last night and it was met with some hostility from the audience. It was generally a step-down from last year's poorly received rape-joke. There's nothing wrong with trying to be offensive, but you've got to be funny first.

  2. *** that should read "homeless person joke"
    I suppose my subconscious didn't want me using the word 'joke' as that might have validated her attempt at humour...

  3. Mr McKay, I think you are being too kind in your opinion of Ms. Hoffman, which, of course you are entitled to. I find her detestable, obnoxious and tasteless. Most of all she is cold - stone-cold. Don't try talking to her after the show. Before you can say a word, she'll blow you off making you wish you never left the house and spent time and money on her. And she wants money back from a homeless man!

  4. I have to say, I'm baffled by these negative responses. I saw the opening show and found it very entertaining. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but this was money well spent in my opinion! She's a young comic with clear talent and charisma. The fact that she's generated such reactions is a testament to her success. Comics present and amplify themselves as art. They are personalities--some you love, some you hate, some you love to hate. Anyway, this was a Fringe favourite for me.

  5. See, I think she has potential. However, it's clear she spends her time selling herself rather than elaborating clear themes that run through the show. Needs more structure, less pizazz. Want to see her work on it, and I think when she does, it'll be quite solid. Great stage presence; just needs to realize a show can't be a random grab sac of jokes.


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