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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Review: Zack Adams; Love Songs For Future Girl (Fringe 2011)

Reviewed by Janis Kirshner

Promising. I walked in to the groove of Bob Dylan pre-show music. A wonderful mix of pre-show music in fact, to get you in the mood. That, unfortunately, might have been some of the best music in the show. Zack Adams, an actor/comedian from Western Australia, is a professional performer with a degree. I just wanted the show to be funnier or deeper or goofier or more of any other adjective besides mediocre.

The story: boy loses girl and proceeds to list all the girls that showed promise or held crushes but never went anywhere. Could these missed others have been ‘The One’? There is a song for each girl (all named Lara for the purpose of privacy - a funny touch). And banter. Lots of banter. We go back to Grade 6. And move forward. Slowly. The original set-up is too long and some individual set-ups are too long.

His own song writing fares better than when he changes the words to popular songs, or just sings the popular songs as is. I like his Apology Song.

This is Adams’ self-proclaimed “group therapy session”- never my favourite thing in theatre. Is this a new piece that dramaturgy could perhaps tighten and refine?

Speaking of new - Venue 11, La Elastica, is a first-time venue for the Fringe. A good one, with good sightlines, air-conditioning, a bar selling both alcoholic and soft drinks, and empanadas. The restaurant downstairs has nice smelling food - $2 off for Fringers to boot!

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