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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Review: Rains Down in Africa (Fringe 2011)

Reviewed by  Estelle Rosen

Sometimes the road from an idea to fruition of that idea is paved with good intentions, but the end result doesn’t quite make it. Rains Down In Africa is an example.
Reading the description, I was curious to see a new interpretation of a very old story we’ve seen many times: exposing the phony world of stardom; how one has to sell their soul to become a star. Guess what? Here we have a young man who  wins a karaoke competition and in order to reach stardom has to do just that. 

Not unexpectedly, the reality of stardom wasn’t as golden as hoped. He gets manipulated into changing his style to become star material. At this point words appear on screen and the audience is asked to participate in karaoke. If we had the beginnings of a story, same old same old as it was, this deflected from any continuity.

The story might have worked if there had been a decent script. Add to this no pacing; 75 minutes is far too long for something that goes nowhere. 


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