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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Robin (The Only Bar) Henderson's Fringe Blog

June 15, 2011

Hey Fringe!

Well, its hit that point.  All of us in “The Only Bar” are feeling it: the Fringe mid-point.

Chez moi, the dishes are not getting done.  Laundry is piling up.  I’m eating out too much.  Staying out too late.  Getting up too early.  Debauchery at its Fringe finest is following every show. Dude – I am TIRED but loving every minute of it!!

One of the many ways I’ve been spending my time is getting to know the regulars and the staff at Verres Sterilises.  Amazing characters and genuinely nice people. Click on the following link to meet Alain, Pierrot and Christian.

Both the hockey and theatre fans were curious to see how the show would compete with the game 6. As a director, I was especially curious to see how the intense levels of energy and testosterone would affect the actors, the story and the ability to hear. True, it was LOUD and there was a lot of traffic at the bathroom door. But the action in the room really inspired some magical moments on the stage. A truly beautiful mirror and fantastic theatre experience. 

Curious to know what the actors thought of their “The Only Bar” vs game 6 experience?  Check out these two videos to hear how Max and Steph made it work for them on stage:  

We wrapped up the night by performing at the 13th Hour.  In true Theatre St-Catherine style, we decided to run with the “punk rock” nature of the show for our appearance. Hilarious, raunchy and “violent”. And all true to the story of “The Only Bar”. Check out our appearance here. 

Really looking forward to game 7 on Wednesday night.  

Bring it!!!


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  1. This show KICKED ASS. Every performer was electric and the show is well written and full of nuances that would enchant any montrealer!



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