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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Artists' Blogs

Below are blogs written by theatre artists exclusively for The Charlebois Post. If you would like to submit a blog, please contact us. The blogs are listed alphabetically by the artist's last name.

Donald Rees on The Laramie Project: Ten Years Later
Part I 
Part II
Part III

MAP Project, 2011-12
Part I Explanation
Part II Performing Self
Part III We Got a Weird Thing Going On
Part IV The Impression Question
Part V The Clown in Me
Part VI Theatre / Friends
Part VII Marathon!
Part VIII Toward the End
Part IX Finale

Nutter, Johanna and the Journey of My Pregnant Brother 
Part I (entries 1, 2 and 3) the family
Part II (entry 4) the story of the horse
Part III (entry 5) weeding with Mom
Part IV (entry 6) arriving at the Cultch
Part V (entry 7) the play gets seen and then some
Part VI (entry 8) quiet time in the woods
Part VII (entry 9) a hard stretch
Part VIII (entry 10 and 11) heartbreak and slow recovery
Part IX (entry 12) the man who was born dead
Part X (entry 13) the Grand Canyon, the man in a hat and a scarecrow
Part XI (entry 14) peace on the mesa
Part XII (entry 15) the man with the wives
Part XIII (entry 16) alien cows, fruit and spooky lines in the sand
Part XIV (entry 17) the rising of the moon and the fox in the sands
Part XV (entry 18) finale and Vegas, baby!

Reid, Crystle on ArtHere!
Part I The Concept
Part II The People
Part III The Artists
Part IV ArtGrant!
Part V Happy Travels!
Part VI Wrap-Up!

Rodriguez, Christine on The Arrangement
Part I What's the Point?
Part II I'm sorry...Well sort of.
Part III iHope
Part IV Role Models?
Part V The Whirlwind

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