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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Beyond The Fourth Wall, May 4, 2011

Works (from top to bottom) : Chris Boyne, Simon Brown, Jennifer Cherniack, Karen Kraven, Étienne Tremblay-Tardif, Brian Virostek, Sandra Volny.

Not-Necessarily Theatre Dates for your Agenda
by Estelle Rosen

May 5-June 11
Exhibition - Ignition

May 11 
Lecture by Gary Geddes
The Ventriloquism of History, or Chinese Ghosts Don't Take No for an Answer

May 12-15
Artists & artisans open their studios to the public

May 29
Red Cliff - Free Film
Inspired by the historical events that took place in China in the last days of the Han dynasty in the year 208 and the war that raged during this time when China had three leaders. A million soldiers fought in the battle of Red Cliffs.

Steve Galluccio

June 6
Keynote Speaker - Steve Gallucio

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