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Saturday, May 14, 2011

EVENT: Manga (Fringe 2011)


The winners of the 2010 Spirit of the FRINGE award return to the FRINGE Festival with an explosive play that will make you lose your Japanese!

Montreal, May 1st, 2011 – At the  HYPERLINK "" St-Ambroise FRINGE Festival of Montreal, the theatre band, Belzébrute, presents its most recent creation, Manga. From June 11 to June 19, 2011 at the La Chapelle Theatre, the walls will rattle to Japanese drum beats rhythmically telling a twisted tale of vengeance. The audience is invited to witness the second part of the trilogy of vengeance, begun with Shavirez, Gypsy of the Seas (best French text, 2008 FRINGE Festival).

Following the epic adventures of Shavirez, it is now Ritsuko’s turn to conduct her own vendetta while trying to answer the ultimate question: How many times must one kill the same person in order to feel avenged? Manga is a veritable descent into the heart of an off-the-wall medieval Japan where Shoguns and Samurais mingle with Ninjas and Nipponese monsters. A play that lies somewhere between comic strip and Japanese animated film, the work dazzles with its visual poetry and multitudes of twists and turns. On the menu: live music, combat choreography, video displays, masterful puppetry and pseudo-Japanese text!

Tireless creators, the members of Belzébrute will also host (for the second consecutive year) FRINGE-moi, a daily televised broadcast on the FRINGE Festival’s website ( HYPERLINK "" \t "_blank" FRINGE-moi, will present exclusive interviews, profiles of English-speaking and French-speaking artists, as well as outstanding performances. Thanks to their passionate involvement and glowing energy, Belzébrute was the first French-speaking company to win the Spirit of the FRINGE award since the creation of the festival twenty years ago.

From June 11 to 19, 2011
Théâtre La Chapelle
3700 St-Dominique
Venue 10

Sat. June 11: 7:30 PM
Sun. June 12: 2:30 PM
Wed. June 15: 6 PM
Fri. June 17: 9:45 PM
Sat. June 18: 6 PM
Sun. June 19: 4 PM

Communication Belzébrute
Amélie Poirier-Aubry


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