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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

EVENT: Buddha and the Rock Star (Fringe 2011)

Press Release for Buddha and the Rock Star:

When you have woken up, one too many times, devastated from last night’s self-sabotaging orgy of sex, drugs, and alcohol, with a looming voice in your head screaming “GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER”- only to be interrupted by a louder, restless, more appealing voice, encouraging you to do it all again .... you might ask yourself if you have been exercising choice, or something else?

Juliette, the thrill seeking protagonist of Buddha and the Rock Star, finds herself head deep in it, torn between two extremes and struggling to change…

Rosaruby Kagan, an American born physical theatre actress who first moved to Montreal in 2007 to obtain a Masters degree in Drama Therapy and conduct research on physical theatre, has an ever-present interest in  human debauchery, contradiction, and  universal truths.

Since her arrival in Montreal she has been known in the Montreal English theatre community as a member of the all girl sketch comedy troupe the Dirty Little Spoons, who’s 2010 fringe show Feels Like The First Time was nominated for  Best English Comedy. However, with this years... 

Multi-Media OFF FRINGE HOTSPOT- Buddha and the Rock Star: a sexy, high energy physical theatre, dance and film performance,

Rosaruby Kagan, aiming to entertain and elicit visceral responses, unleashes her New York City ensemble-based, physical theatre roots on Montréal audiences; inviting them into the rich psychological and emotional texture of Juliette, a thrill seeking woman thirsty for insight and wisdom.

Calling into question false identity, self control, sexual deviance, and Buddhist philosophy - writer and director Rosaruby Kagan collaborates with...

dance choreographer Nichole Carlone of Processed Theatre, and a talented ensemble of Actors: Audree Southière, Anne-Marie Saheb, Allison Busner, Adrien Benn and Dancers: Vanessa Kneale, Ken Antonio Rillo, Emilie Barrette and Julie Goldenberg, to create...

a dynamically pleasing inner-landscape full of provocative text, scored music, film, emotionally rich and erotic  physical actions, rocking hip- hop, tango, ballet and contemporary dance.

OFF FRINGE Venue D- BTW Space, 3680 Jeanne-Mance #460 
6/1-8pm      6/4-6pm         6/9-8pm          6/12-4pm         6/18-8pm
6/2-10pm    6/5-6pm         6/10-6pm       6/15-10pm       6/19-4pm
6/3-8pm      6/8-10pm       6/11-8pm       6/17-7pm

Contact Rosaruby Kagan at 514-402-0401 or  for interviews. Photo Credits: Caspian Kilkelly

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