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Friday, May 27, 2011

EVENT: Motherhouse (Fringe 2011)

When Concordia University announced that the remaining nuns of the Motherhouse were going to be relocated in the next two weeks, 12 years before the initial moving date, Sister Constance McMullen was yet again reminded that when signing a contract, one must always read the fine print. What they did not count on, was that this particularly resourceful Sister had already come up with a plan to resist by the time she had finished reading the eviction letter. What they did not count on, was that Sister McMullen had promised herself that she would live to be kicked out of the Motherhouse, even if it meant that she would one day have to snuff out 103 candles on a cross-shaped birthday cake.And in the case of Sister McMullen, what she did not count on, was the final showdown that would ensue involving herself, a nightstand, a few bibles, and perhaps even, God."

Our theatre company consists of young theatre artists who so far have explored new works more specifically in the comedy genre. One of our members, Tamara Lagrandeur, wrote the hilarious new play, "The Motherhouse", and will be directing her piece for the Fringe. Our actress, Amanda McQueen, is also an up and coming artist who will be sharing the stage with no one but herself, being a woman in twenties portraying a woman in her nineties. The actual Grey Nuns Motherhouse has a rich history and we hope that our piece will pay some homage to these very impressive and charitable ladies, while having audiences rolling on the floor laughing.

If you would like to contact us for any further questions you can contact myself by email. Thanks so much for your time and I hope to hear from you soon.
The Motherhouse

Fri, June 10th @ 8:00PM
Sat, June 11th @ 6:00PM
Sun, June 12th @ 4:30PM
Tues, June 14th @ 7:45PM
Thurs, June 16th @ 7:45PM
Sat, June 18th @ 11:15PM

presented at 
Montreal Improv
#202 3713 St. Laurent

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