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Monday, May 9, 2011

Guidelines for Posting Comments to CharPo

The Charlebois Post (CharPo) encourages direct comment on all articles and on other comments following those articles. However, certain kinds of comments will be removed as will subsequent comments on removed postings. These forums are not moderated before the fact. If you find offensive comments, please contact us. The Charlebois Post reserves the right to moderate before the fact.

Removal will follow:

- Spamming
(However, you may discuss your own works in progress and even post links to sites having to do with them if such postings are germane to the article being commented upon or comments subsequent to the article)

- Personal attacks on authors or other posters. (However, you may comment on an article's content or an author's credentials. An author may be called incompetent - if the argument is substantiated - but not an expletive.)

- Racist, sexist or heterosexist language except in context. (ie: in a discussion of the use of such language in a play.)

- Threats