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Friday, May 13, 2011

The Friday Five, May 13, 2011

Ellen David with Maurice Podbrey in Substance of Fire (Centaur)

Veteran Actors We Love
by Estelle Rosen and Gaëtan L. Charlebois

None of these marvelous people is old - there is no old or young in theatre, just people in more or less makeup. But these actors have been turning in performances we love for decades.

Michael Rudder is making a triumphant return to theatre with Lies My Father Told Me. But we've known his work since the Fennario plays of the 70s, his truly stunning turn - buck nekkid too! - in Frankie and Johnny at the Claire de lune in the 90s and mountains of work in all media. The man has an aura around him - of centredness and amiability.

Joanna Noyse was opposite said Rudder in Frankie and Johnny, no less nekkid, but solidly pulling off a thankless role as foil to Rudder's hijinks. She also stole the show, much later, in several roles in Angels in America at Centaur. 

Chip Chuipka in Imago's Down From Heaven 
(photo: Tristan Brand)

And speaking of Centaur there is its ex-AD, Maurice Podbrey. The man was known for his invisible direction, yes, but we also remember his efficient performances in Blood Knot, Lesson From Aloes, Uncle Vanya and just this past year, in Medea.

Chip Chuipka has enhanced the theatre scene with his immense talent.  Most recent performance as Old Gord, the father in Morris Panych's Gordon was memorable.

Parker (r with Nathalie Claude) in
Imago's The Baroness and The Pig
(photo credit:
Michael Slabodian)

Leni Parker can always be counted on to entrance audiences. Her versatility can be seen in several mediums including TV, film, and stage. She was spellbinding in The Baroness and the Pig; more recently in Imago's Champ de Mars A Story of War.

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