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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

EVENT: Remember Ezra (Fringe 2011)

REMEMBER EZRA by André Simoneau
At the Montreal FRINGE!
Starring: David Wheaton, Saro Saroyan, Jennifer Miller, Nadia Verrucci and Daniel Rowe
"This is the summer my brother Ezra disappeared..."
Gideon has a problem: he can't remember. And every time he tries to get a grip, time she slips.
After his brother Ezra mysteriously vanishes, Gideon must piece together his disjointed memories in a struggle to find an answer to the question which plagues him: what comes next?
REMEMBER EZRA is a darkly comic psychodrama about family and the unreliable nature of memory. Brutal and funny, honest and strange, ugly and engaging.
Friday June 10 @ 23:30
Sunday June 12 @ 15:30
Tuesday June 14 @ 20:30
Thursday June 16 @ 24:00
Saturday June 18 @ 15:30
Sunday June 19 @ 21:30
$10 adults
$8 students, Ezras

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