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Thursday, May 19, 2011

EVENT: 8 Ways my Mother was Conceived (Fringe, 2011)

8 Ways my Mother was Conceived
Written and Performed by: Michaela Di Cesare
Directed by: Paula Sperdakos
Stage Manager: Elyse Quesnel
Assistant SM: Isabel Faia
With multi-media guest appearances by: Steph Bernston, Jade Hassoune, Marc Poulin and Christine Rodriguez


My family believes my mother was conceived by a virgin. The logic being that my grandparents were unmarried when it happened. Therefore: act of God, NOT of the bod. A harmless myth-- until my life started to veer off script and the whole herd of virgin worshipers turned on me.

St-Ambroise Montreal FRINGE Festival 2011
Venue 3, 4001 Space
4001 rue Berri


Date 1 June 11 SAT•SAM Time 1 21:45
Date 2 June 12 SUN•DIM Time 2 14:45
Date 3 June 13 MON•LUN Time 3 18:00
Date 4 June 15 WED•MER Time 4 21:30
Date 5 June 18 SAT•SAM Time 5 19:30
Date 6 June 19 SUN•DIM Time 6 15:15




$10 General / $8 students, theatre folk and certified virgins
(+ $2 FRINGE surcharge)

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