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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

News: The Charlebois Post (Montreal) passes 100k pageview mark

In less than nine months existence the Charlebois Post (Montreal) site  - or CharPo - has passed the 100,000 pageview mark.

Recent features on the site have had much to do with the its success, especially the humour column The Friday Five which has been written by Matt and Kyle and Matt for the last month and a public discussion forum called The Thread, launched Sunday, August 21.

Other articles which have been extraordinarily popular including the review of Mike Birbiglia's My Girlfriend's Boyfriend (which the comic tweeted to his fans), Valerie Cardinal's coverage of the Fringe-For-All, and David King's article about Annie Sprinkle. Barbara Ford's weekly profiles also added enormously to this figure as do Joel Fishbane's weekly editorials, Theatre For Thought. Certain articles have been controversial and had huge readerships and plenty of commentary. But the single reason for the steady traffic is reviews, of which CharPo has published over 100 so far.

The organization is launching a second site, September 1, 2011: The Charlebois Post-Canada (CPC) (already in beta-testing) and has already launched a weekly podcast, This Is The CPC.

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