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Monday, August 29, 2011

The Upstage Interview: Ginette Noiseux

Upstage Contributor Stephanie Breton spoke with Artistic Director Ginette Noiseux about  Espace Go presenting an English production for the first time. Imago Theatre and Stella Quines Theatre of Scotland will be co-producing ANA with Espace Go. The conversation was conducted in French, translated by Stephanie Breton.  Similar to Espace Go presenting an English play for the first time, Upstage is presenting  for the first time an interview conducted in French. English translation below. 

*  *  *  *  *  

Breton asked how the association with Imago and Stella Quines came about. 

Director Serge Denoncourt approached Noiseux.  This would be his first time working with two female Artistic Directors and thought it would be a  good project for her

He also thought it would be a great co-production between Montreal and Scotland. 

l-r Romanes,
Denoncourt, Schapiro
Noiseux has a lot of admiration for Imago who always propose an interesting journey through their shows. Plus Quebec and Scotland have a lot in common.

Noiseux wanted to stress that Espace Go’s role is more in the nature of hosting this show.  As she put it, they’re taking a gamble on the box office. She’s proud to host it but wants to make sure that it remain the project of the two companies who put it together, and present it as part of Espace Go season. 

Asked what she was most proud of in this project, she responded that she’s most proud of the languages. With French,  English from Montreal and English from Scotland, it’s almost like three languages.

The story is told through a woman who travels from the beginning of time. We’ll be following her from antiquity to today.

She’s very excited to bring this play to the stage. She loves the mixture of backgrounds of languages in Montreal.

Asked if the translations will be shown via text on screen, she wasn’t sure yet. It’s up to Serge. No matter what, she knows that Serge will make it exciting.

Responding to whether she knows any of the artists in the show, she indicated she knows some of the French actors, but not the English actors.  

She’s very excited to bring this play to the stage. She loves the mixture of backgrounds of languages in Montreal. 

To be able to create a play from different cultures and bring it together fits very well with her vision of Espace Go being a centre for creation. 

Different cultures make us see things in different ways. When she looks at her  tree, she sees it one way but someone else will say, did you think of looking at it that way.

This play will be an amazing journey for the audience.

Her response to the question whether this type of co-production would be the first of many: we’re not engaged yet, but the dating process is going very well.

Nov. 22-Dec. 10

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