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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Beyond Our Fourth Wall, October 5, 2011

Thomas Edison invented the lightbulb, the gramaphone 
and other electric things…
La Chaise Oct. 18  -  Nov. 12
Theatre d’Aujourd’hui

Beyond Our Fourth Wall 
This column has been rechristened and will now bring you theatre of interest in French.
by Estelle Rosen

(photo credit: Josée Lambert)
Language choreography from UBU Theatre
Oulipo Show Oct 18 – Nov 12
Espace Go

Burlesque, Shakespeare, Laurel & Hardy wrapped up in
Theatre Denise Pelletier  Oct 19 – Nov. 55

From the Gutter to the Stars
Tiger Lillies Oct 20 & 21
Usine C

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