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Friday, October 28, 2011

Blog: Christine Rodriguez on The Arrangement (Part V)

The Whirlwind
By Christine Rodriguez

For two months, the production was running along quite smoothly.  That is until we lost one of our actors to the TV gods two weeks before opening night.  I stepped into the role.  I was the most logical choice.  I wrote the play.   I’d been to most of the rehearsals.  I can act.  

It’s been a whirlwind ever since: interviews, load in,  last minute errands, Q to Q, dress rehearsal/preview night, opening night, managing reservations, seeking volunteers, acting, counting up box office, more acting.  Did I mention getting my son to school on time (darn!); getting his homework done (where is that homework agenda?!); and parent-teacher interviews?

Then, a not so glowing review from The Charlebois Post.  Sarah Deshaies writes: “Five women, five friends, not enough time to sufficiently investigate the story binding them together.” Oh good.  I left her wanting more.  “Always leave them wanting more.”  Isn’t that what ‘they’ say?  Actually, most of the women I know who saw the show and who have lives that most closely parallel Barb’s or Jaya’s (all work, no rest) found it rather practical that the play lasted only a little over an hour.

But, so far, the statement with the most impact about the show has been what Donald Ress had to say.  He attended the show with a woman, who had recently lost her father to cancer, and her mother.  He writes: “Considering the subject matter, and how closely it hit home I was very interested to hear what they had to say about the show afterword. Both mother and daughter felt that the topic was handled with respect and a realistic optimism.  It was all in good taste and they left the show with nothing but genuine praise :).”

Well, it’s about time to take a breath now, enjoy the moment and appreciate what a group of people have been able to accomplish with limited resources.  We did good.  Thanks everyone 

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  1. Are you kidding me? You did very good!
    Standing ovation Tuesday night, sold out, full house performance Wednesday with a growing waiting list the night I attended. And, I read it went well last night, too! Bravo!

    Thank you for the captivating performance. A seasoned, recognized actress/film producer who accompanied me said you were a natural and was duly impressed by the stage your team created on the limited budget you fundraised...especially so with the parental responsibilities you mention. Many single people have trouble just getting up and taking care of themselves in the morning let alone having to create a production that will be viewed and critiqued (positively and sometimes less so) by many along side mom duties. You have guts and am in awe of you!

    And thank you for the thought provoking script. I lost a few loved ones in my life due to cancer and didn't have a chance to properly say good bye...Your play made me think of how it could have been had we be given the chance...

    ...You did very good.


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