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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Blog: Christine Rodriguez on The Arrangement (Part III)


by Christine Rodriguez

I hate cancer.  I hope – no – I pray that I never get it, that no one I know ever gets it.  The passing of Steve Jobs touched many people but he leaves behind a powerful and lasting legacy.  On a personal and intimate level, The Arrangement is partly about Faye, a cancer-stricken woman trying to leave a legacy of her own for her family and friends.  But I don’t want anyone to think that The Arrangement is ninety minutes of sorrow and sadness.  On the contrary, it’s about so much more.  Through the rehearsal process, the artists have discovered moments of joy, love, friendship and laughter.  Such is life.  Good times.  Bad times.  We pass on but, hopefully, we’re not forgotten...

Gosh, I hope I did Faye justice in telling her story.  I hope I treated the sensitive subject matter with the respect that it deserves...  I guess that will be up to the audience to decide.

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