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Monday, May 7, 2012

The Upstage Interview: Johanna Nutter on Freestanding Room

Home of the Free

Upstage Host Eric Sukhu spoke with  playwright/actor Johanna Nutter.  Below is an abridged version edited by Estelle Rosen, CharPo Editor-in-Chief.

UPSTAGE: Tell us about this amazing thing happening at The Freestanding Room for the month of May.

JOHANNA: Our purpose isn’t quite so intense as the recent commemmoration of May Day, but we’re trying to save The Freestanding Room.

UPSTAGE:   Could you explain the origin of The Freestanding Room.

JOHANNA:  We’re a member driven collective begun 4 years ago. In addition to using it for rehearsal or writing; as a small space seating 40 people, we also use it to experiment with intimate theatre.

Sexy/Silly micro cabaret, curated by Tanner Harvey, will feature naked men,  belly dancers,  rock’n roll, a fun evening!

UPSTAGE: What other events take place there besides theatre?

JOHANNA: Stand up, workshops, classes, Off-Fringe venue.  Recently our municipal taxes and rent skyrocketed, so we’re having an entire month of fundraising. MayDays will feature a different event every Friday in May, curated by a different Freestanding member.   

UPSTAGE: What are some of the events as part of MayDays?

JOHANNA: On May 11, Sexy/Silly micro cabaret, curated by Tanner Harvey, will feature naked men,  belly dancers,  rock’n roll, a fun evening!

I’m curating the B-Reels event. Some of Montreal’s best performers will share their most embarrassing unexpected moments. 

There’s also a silent auction. Among items up for bid is an accordion, QDF is donating consultations, and I’m offering a housecall performance of My Pregnant Brother. All the items can be seen at our website. 

UPSTAGE: What’s coming up at The Freestanding Room?

JOHANNA:  We’re an Off-Venue in the Fringe; Ned Cox has a new play. Jonathan Fournier has written a play inspired by the miners in Brazil who were stuck in the mine for a long time.

UPSTAGE: After MayDays, what’s in the works for you?

JOHANNA:   I’m back in the Fringe after a 3 year hiatus.  I’ll be performing Phaedra in The Hippolytus. It’ll be presented in a nightclub! My Pregnant Brother will be in Zoofest, Summerworks in Toronto and Winnipeg in the Fall.

UPSTAGE:  Thank you so much for being with us Johanna.

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