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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Review: The No Bull$#!% History of Canada (Fringe)

by Gaëtan L. Charlebois

Sometimes you have to read between the lines of a Fringe show's first weekend - is the audience too small, is it not fully prepared, is the Fringe machine oiled enough. With today's performance of Bull$#!%, soloist Kyle Allatt had a very good - and receptive - house, his script was solid for most of the show, the pace was clipped for half and then everyone - performer and audience - started wearying. The audience was becoming less kind to cute jokes and wanted punchier ones. I was getting tired of accents and funny voices. So the piece is clearly about potential.The material is interesting - it just needs a keener text and director Tim Ekerett has to sit in the audience with a notebook and then tell his performer when things are just sitting there stinking up the joint. However, as I said, you might want to see this to have a look at a young man who could, potentially, turn Bull$#!% into gold. And one more thing: you are going to learn stuff that makes for fascinating drop-ins at a flagging dinner party.


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