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Monday, June 25, 2012

News: Joel Fishbane on The Frankies (Fringe)

Big winners: Osara Soup for My Exploding Family

joel fishbane
It finally rained on the 22nd St. Ambroise Montreal Fringe, but only at the last minute. After ten days of sunshine – a few of which came complete with a stifling heat wave – the festival came to a close with the usual party / awards show that is the Frankie awards. Shorter than the Academy Awards and a lot more enjoyable, the proceedings were hosted by the hosts of the 13th Hour, the Fringe’s live late-night talk show: perky Kiki Razzle, gallant Philip Fairbanks and bunny-eared Cat Lemieux (it’s better not to ask).
Three dance numbers were interspersed with the various awards and accolades, which included a sneak peek of Fringe favourites Dance Animal’s upcoming show at the Just for Laughs Festival. Artistic director Amy Blackmore was visibly moved by the efforts of her small band of staff and large band of volunteers – over two hundred people gave their time this year to help keep the Fringe festival chugging along. 
As I told several people this Fringe, it was the strongest Fringe in recent memory. The calibre of shows was impressive - with 26 shows under my belt, I’m pleased to say only two made me want to gouge out my eyes. Personal favourites included Paul Van Dyck’s sci-fi play The Harvester, the haunting cello of Eidolon, Shiong-En Chan’s Kissed by a Butterfly and Kirsten Rasmussen’s Tough. 
But I’m not giving out any awards this year so enough of what I thought. Many of these awards come complete with cheques and / or opportunities to perform again in the future, so if you missed anything this year, don’t despair. And now without further ado, the winners of the 2012 Frankie Awards are:
Beyond the Mountain Award - Tough by Kirsten Rasmussen
Bouge d’ici – Most Promising ChoreographyLe projet migration – 
Christine Germain
CEAD Award for Most Promising Francophone Playwright  - Le retroviseur by
  Dominique Picher  
Centaur Theatre – Best English ProductionMy Exploding Family (Osara Soup)
Chapters Best English Text - Kissed by a Butterfly by Shiong-En Chan
Cirque de Soleil Best Original Production - 4 Kg – Sarah Bronsard
The FREEBIE Award from Freestanding Room - Gaulier Made me Cry (Theatre 
a la Sauvage)
Greenlands Production Music AwardLakes of Canada
Just for Laughs Best English ComedyPeter n’ Chris and the Mystery of the
  Hungry Heart Motel (Peter ‘n Chris)
Mainline Theatre Next Stage AwardVicious Circles (Theatre Sans Fond /
  Stadium Tour)
Rubiks Best Poster DesignBig Girls Don’t Cry (Crowning Monkey
Spirit of the Fringe AwardMaluron Malurette, Tidlidoum 
Theatre Denise-Pelletier – Fred Barry Award for Best Production Design
  Dreaming in Autism (La Tigressa Productions)
Zone HOMA Best French ProductionMonsieur Victor (Les Visceres)
That’s it for Fringe 2012 – see you all next year!

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