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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Review: UBU (Fringe)

by Chad Dembski

Good Children Don’t is a collective of CEGEP students (who all met at high school and have decided to keep working together) who obviously like working together and have a fun time.  They chose UBU as a way “to break from the confines of what would have been acceptable and proper at school” (Ophelie Lacasse) and this production is certainly more influenced by “South Park” and “Family Guy” than Shakespeare - with enough swearing, sexual and excrement references throughout the show to satisfy anyone who likes their absurdist theatre vile and dirty.  What struck me from the very beginning was how bizarre it was to see such a young cast attempting a complex and mature piece.  While I applaud the risk involved in choosing such a piece to challenge these students it seems very much out of their range.  At 80 minutes and with tons of characters to present, these students do not seem ready to take on a piece of this magnitude.  Often fumbling lines, long pauses in between scenes, constantly awkward fights, and most of the time not even looking at each other when speaking, it was hard to understand the point of the production.  It seems the amateur quality of the piece was a conscious choice; it wears thin early and there is not much to sustain the interest of the audience as evidenced by the 3 or 4 people who walked out during the show.  Still I would like to see future shows by this group and I would actually love to see them create their own show and see what they are truly interested in, beyond being silly together.  

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