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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Review: If Looks Can Kill...They Will! (Fringe)

by Richard Burnett
I had such high hopes for Glam Gam Productions’ burlesque murder mystery If Looks Can Kill...They Will! which I happily previewed in Fugues, The Charlebois Post, Three Dollar Bill and The Gazette. I really wanted to like this show because there are some good people in it. But this unmitigated disaster could not have been improved by actor Les Blow, slated to play Sherlock Homo and replaced at the last minute due to injury. Heck, not even Sir Laurence Olivier could salvage this train wreck. I left after 90 minutes before they even revealed whodunit. Early pick for Worst of the Fringe. 



  1. Knew this production could be in trouble when I read they were holding auditions during the same week they were opening.

  2. A total waste of a talented cast and fun space, and my time. This could have been absolutely wonderful, but instead was absolutely miserable. Even friends in the audience looked bummed.

  3. I really enjoyed this show...It was funny and I thought the audience was totally into it. (I saw the Saturday night show.) Calling something 'a disaster' without so much as giving a single reason why seems a little unfair and confusing especially since the author admittedly didn't even stay to see the ending.

    Kudos to Sherlock and the cast for getting through what was no doubt a huge hit losing an actor the week the show was to open...

  4. I saw the show both Wednesday and Friday night this week and died laughing. I love that the cast jokingly references this blog in the very first scene (I didn't actually see the blog until now, but I found it), showing how comfortable they are at poking fun at themselves.

    What didn't you like about the show?? You don't even say why!

    Sounds like you are absolutely miserable yourself if you couldn't have a good time at this hilarious and sexy show... with lots of (full frontal) nudity!

  5. You have a lot of work to do if you are aspiring to be taken seriously as a theatre critic. If you think jeering and vituperating a show without substantiating your claims makes a good critic/review, well think again.

    On a side note, perhaps that might teach you a lesson when it comes to not only writing previews in every magazine and blog you have access to, but also spamming things all over fb without having a clue about what you are writing about!

    Now, moving on to the show itself. It is a very funny and well-buckled show. Everyone going to see it has to know it is NOT a theatre play, it's burlesque comedy! Most actors/performers have a solo number which has been smoothly integrated into a mystery storyline. While the show is saturated with jokes and references to past Glam Gam shows and characters, a newcomer will certainly have a laugh and a good time. The show is best enjoyed if you can show up with a group of friends ready to scream your longs away.


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