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Monday, June 18, 2012

Review: Try A Variety Show (Fringe)

by Janis Kirshner
Not the most appealing blurb in the Fringe program, purporting they have “no talent, money or friends… ”, however performers Dan Carin and Chris Sandiford are certainly not without a certain aptitude and flair for the stage. They are also likable, natural, smart and funny, stretching out their one-joke play with complete commitment. What they lack in material, (and that they do) they make up for with ideas, variety show history and teasers. I knew that the actual ‘variety show’ was never going to materialize, but I was often compelled to somehow listen. Basically, this show is a set-up for a variety show that never gets off the ground and you know that it won’t. After a while it stops working of course, because you can only suspend for so long. It would be great if every now and then they really DID have some sort of fun act. Okay, we knew when off the top they promised everything from Burlesque to skinning an animal onstage to a live birth and open-heart surgery, that things were not going to come to fruition, but we did need more than a crumb to sustain us. But Try a Variety Show is well-structured and played with total conviction. I’d keep an eye on these guys for future endeavours. Also, this show only costs $5 (including service charge).

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