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Friday, June 15, 2012

Review: Pitching KNIFE FIGHT (Fringe)

by Chad Dembski

This is a stand-up performance in the form of an informal film pitch for an action film "KNIFE FIGHT".  An unpretentious and charming performer, Walter J. Lyng, presents a simple staged film pitch about a 23 film series (1 original with 22 sequels) all based on, you guessed it, knife fights.  Not much is revealed about the actual content of the film(s) except for of course, knife fights, yet this hardly seems to be the point of the pitch which seems to want the audience to believe more in the franchise potential of the project (toys, t-shirts and a well described Wii game) more then the actual film.  Walter J. Lyng has a great presence on stage and makes the humour seem easy and casual, I felt like I was hanging out in his living room more then at the Mainline Theatre.  Still - even at 30 minutes - there is not a lot to support the structure of a pitch which seems to not really matter and is more an unneeded form to try out some stand up material.  At a $5.00 ticket price ($3.00 discounted), it's impossible not to call this a good deal and great way to spend some time down at the Fringe, Walter J. Lyng is putting on a fun night out. 


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