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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Review: Butt Kapinski, Private Eye

by Chad Dembski

A film noir clown show (improvised?) by American Deanna Fleysher (from Hollywood appropriately) that attempts to solve a murder that has just occurred.  A show with a massive amount of audience participation, (all 10 of us had to participate at least two or three times) that will  be a thrill for some or a nightmare for others.  The show quickly derails and seems beset with massive technical flaws that seemed to be - possibly - part of the act but I was never quite sure.  Still the plot (which goes in every direction) is not the point of the show, it is the relationship between the buffoon clown Butt Lapinski and the various audience members.  I was surprised how good natured and willing to play along everyone in the house was and that seemed to help keep the show afloat.  I imagine a much larger audience would provide a more interesting dynamic for the audience members who do not want to participate (which included myself).  Still Deanna Fleysher is a fantastic improviser who has a lot of charm and who seems to revel in the awkward and bizarre banter between her and the audience.  So if you want to be part of a Fringe show and enjoy participating onstage this show is for you, if not you may find this uncomfortable and hard to get through.  

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