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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Review: God is a Scottish Drag Queen (Fringe)

by Janis Kirshner 
I had been looking forward to this show; it came with good cred from previous performances. I could see that Mike Delamont is a veteran stand-up comedian with wonderful audience rapport and a quick off the cuff wit. There’s a great opening voice-over. However, perhaps an off night when I saw it, the show never really took off for me. I love the concept - God has come down to earth wearing a women’s power suit from the 80’s and no shoes. There were some very good lines, notably: “I should have stopped at monkeys”, “I made a mistake with redheads - they’re either beauty queens or garden gnomes” and “The bagpipes - leave it to the Scots to make our national instrument out of our national food.” But most of the jokes just didn’t seem fresh. Mind you, he doesn’t always get through all his material and does go off on tangents, so perhaps other nights were more on the mark. He is however a likeable performer and his sincere, tender farewell put a smile on my face.

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