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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Review: Triplecross (Fringe)

by Chris Lane
Triple Cross is a saucy play about betrayal, and about waving around a gun and a knife for most of 45 minutes. Ella is furious at her husband Andy for being unfaithful and for taking her money, which he also took from his mistress Sandy, thus making Sandy’s boyfriend Ricky hate Andy for taking both Sandy and his money from him. Fortunately, the play is easier to understand than that sentence. Things get off to a dramatic start in the opening scene with Ella yelling at Andy from a tabletop, saying that he had better get out before she knifes him. The rest of the play is filled with drama, tension, weapons, and plenty of laughs, but the plot is a bit over the top and hard to buy. One saving grace is Anne Werbeski, who keeps the play grounded in a strong turn as Ella, the only character who seems to have her head on straight (save for the occasional death threat). Late in the play, it is seems like it could drag on for too long with its far-fetched plot turns, but then it nicely wraps up with a clever twist.

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